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Over time, we’ll explore the wild and wonderful world of chromatography & beyond together—delving into trending international topics and introducing you to some of the finest guest bloggers, researchers, and members of our global team.

Before we begin, let’s boldly go where tens of thousands of scientists have gone before…inside Phenomenex.

Every company has a story—a personality. Ours has been crafted from humble beginnings.


In 1982, an architect broke into the scientific field from the confines of his garage (notice the hot vintage car in the reflection above) and grew his company into a global firm spanning across six continents in three decades. The company didn’t have much back then—no background in the field, no funding, not a single product of our own. (But look at us now. We have a blog!)

Instead of worrying about what we lacked, we focused on our strengths and persevered. We built strong, personal relationships with our clientele by serving them better than any other company.

We knew back then what we still concentrate on today: that our customers and our employees were—and are—our greatest asset, and we will always put them first. This is how good business is done. It’s that simple.

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Today, we are the global leader in our industry. In three decades years, Phenomenex has built a community of almost 900 employees in 16 companies, offering ‘round the clock technical support and serving over 100 countries direct from offices throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and its network of nearly 60 distributors worldwide. We’ve released dozens of award-winning technologies, and operate nine manufacturing lines in four plants within the United States.

Phenomenex specializes in the science of separation, or chromatography, and supplies a myriad of laboratory consumables to researchers in various fields: food and beverage, pharma/biotech, fuels, life science, forensic toxicology, clinical diagnostics, environmental and natural products, chemical, petrochemical and plastics, and consumer products industries. We have many technologies to support the efforts of researchers, encompassing everything from sample preparation to the analysis and purification of samples.

However, we are not just one company. Instead, we are a growing family of companies: Phenomenex, InventX, Phenova, and Neoteryx—each with a singular goal of providing total solutions to our customers.

And starting this blog is just one of them.

This is new to our company, so let us know what you’d like to see here. News? Tips? Ancient photos of our CEO working exceptionally hard?


Maybe you want to showcase something of your own. If you have an article or some research to share, email us at ScienceUnfiltered@phenomenex.com.

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