The London to Paris Bike Ride: Meet the Cyclists


Phenomenex is proud to introduce a group of courageous riders as they approach The London to Paris Bike Ride: three days, two countries, and nearly 500 kilometers—all for a charity of their choice.

Antonio Caldarelli, Phenomenex Italy


Chosen charity: Stop Hunger Now Italia
Training regimen: “I’ve always made some sort of effort to keep in shape. I bought my bike at the end of April and am currently biking twice a week between 40 and 70 kilometers.”
How do you feel about the ride? “I have some concerns, but am motivated by this great opportunity! By the time it comes, I’ll be ready.”

Michael Whitmore, Phenomenex UK

Chosen charity: The Outward Bound Trust
Training regimen: “I have been nursing a sore knee for a few months, so things have not been perfect or easy, but I have a good level of cardiac fitness and am following the recommended training distances.”
How do you feel about the ride? “Nervous, but very much looking forward to it! Hopefully through sheer willpower and determination I will be perfectly ready.”

Georg Pfefferer, Phenomenex Germany


Chosen charity: Grenzenlos
Training regimen: “I’m biking once to twice per week now, as well as regularly running local 10ks and half marathons over the last few years.”
How do you feel about the ride? “Excited! This will be a great event with lots of challenges and interesting people to meet. My whole family has been supportive, too.”

Maurice Maas, Phenomenex Netherlands

Chosen charity: The Outward Bound Trust
Training regimen: “I’m recovering from a knee injury, so training has proven quite tough. Riding long distances on a bike is completely new to me, as I usually play football or go running when I exercise.”
How do you feel about the ride? “I’m feeling very motivated and enthusiastic. My biggest concern is my knee healing in time, but I am remaining positive and looking forward to the ride.”

Anthony Gilliam, Phenomenex US


Chosen charity: Epilepsy research
Training regimen: “I’ve had a bike for about two years now, which I rode sparingly around my home in DC. I now ride more than 80 miles a week, and I feel fantastic.”
How do you feel about the ride? “I don’t doubt that I’ll be ready, but if I said I didn’t have any reservations, I’d be untruthful.”

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