The Phenomenex Story: Part I

This recent editorial appeared in SelectScience® on September 22, 2016.

The Phenomenex Story Part 1: The Architect Who Built a Chemistry Empire

One might expect the CEO of a global separation sciences company to be a chemistry graduate, with in-depth training in analytical chemistry. In fact, Persian-born Fasha Mahjoor, the charismatic CEO of Phenomenex, failed all of the chemistry exams at his English boarding school before going on to acquire a Masters in architecture.


Although his career in architecture began promisingly, the entrepreneur in Fasha was unable to pass up the opportunity presented to him by a friend to start a separation sciences (chromatography) company. Working from his tiny 12×12 foot architectural office, Fasha registered the company name ‘Phenomenex’.

He went on to build his company, now known to be a worldwide leader in separations technology, with over 8,000 products, about 800 employees, 16 global companies and 75 international partners, serving over 100 countries worldwide.

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