Milton’s Tricks, Treats, and Technical Guides

Happy Halloween!

Milton here, and I have something for you that’s better than candy.

You’ve worked so hard crafting the perfect costume, decorating your home, and sneaking chocolate from your kids, we decided to treat you to the best technical guides this Halloween.milton-ghost

You’ll discover a wealth of resources for LC experts, GC gurus, Sample Prep savants, and a variety of industries.

Here are some goodies to enjoy while you’re stuck trick-or-treating in the lab tonight.


LC Guides

Guidelines for HILIC Method Development
Includes tips for use and optimization techniques.

Antimalarial Drugs by Chiral HPLC
Chirex HPLC columns offer superior tools to analyze and purify new medicines for use in the war against malaria. In this technical guide, simple and direct chiral HPLC methods for the resolution of racemic antimalarial drugs are described.

Core-Shell Optimization Kit Users Guide
This Core-Shell Optimization Kit installation guide outlines a few changes that should be made to your current HPLC system to provide UHPLC-like performance improvements.

HPLC Column Care Guide
Every Phenomenex HPLC column is a precision product which, though delicate, will provide excellent performance, reproducibility and column lifetime if cared for properly. The information and recommendations contained in this manual are designed to guide you in the care and use of your column, but should not be considered absolute. Please follow the instructions herein to maximize column performance and lifetime. Should you have any questions, please contact your Phenomenex Technical Representative or local distributor.

HPLC Troubleshooting Guide
A systematic approach to identifying the problem is the best approach to troubleshooting your HPLC system. This guide is organized by five major categories of symptoms to help you quickly identify the source of the problem(s) you are encountering: pressure abnormalities, leaks, problems with the chromatogram, injector problems, other problems detected by the senses of smell, sight, and sound.

GC Guides

Easy and Painless GC Column Installation
The Cool-Lock Nut is a capillary GC installation tool that eliminates most issues associated with improper column installation. Its unique patented design also allows you to change your column quicker, without burning your fingers.

GC Method Development Guide
The GC method development guide provides on overview of key considerations for optimizing GC column selection.

GC Accessories: Product Overview Guide
Don’t forget your accessories! Get an overview of inlet liners, septa, inlet base seals, and other recommended GC accessories for your system.

A Simple Guide to Improving GC Column Lifetime
If you are experiencing rapid degradation of column performance, there are several simple ways to help protect your column and increase lifetime.

GC Troubleshooting Guide
Includes troubleshooting resources, on-demand webinars, thousands of applications, technical demonstrations, how-to videos, and tools that make selecting the right product easier than ever.

Sample Prep Guides

Collection Plate and Sealing Mat Selection Guide
This guide includes all of the measurements, material composition, well volumes, and more that you will need to ensure that you find the best collection plate and sealing mat for your work.

Environmental Sample Preparation Guide
Find the appropriate sample preparation technique and product for your difficult environmental matrices. This guide provides product and techniques recommendations as well as applications for reference.

Sample Preparation Selection and Users Guide
Sample preparation is crucial in achieving desired LC or GC analytical results. Sample matrix effects can result in an array of interferences which can lead to poor chromatography as well as instrumentation drawbacks, hindering your approach and goal for the analysis.

A Simplified Approach to Sample Preparation
Outlines a simple approach for successful solid phase extraction method development.

The Complete Guide to Solid Phase Extraction
Learn how to develop a customized method for SPE and view applications that are applicable to a variety of different industries.

Industry Guides

Essential Guide for Biofuel Analysis
Phenomenex is dedicated to supporting the biofuel industry with cutting edge chromatographic tools and resources designed to enhance production, simplify alternative fuels analysis, and lower production costs.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Guide
Look inside to see how you can easily achieve resolution, ruggedness, and reproducibility in your pharmaceutical method development.

Chromatography Guide for Environmental Testing
In recent years, there has been a rapid, worldwide increase in environmental testing. The sudden emergence of hybrid vehicles and the recent trend towards biofuels highlight the growing concern for environmental pollutants. As the focus on environmental contaminants and cleanup has increased, there is heightened demand for more sensitive analytical tests to measure the amount of pollutants in the environment. Since 1982, Phenomenex has been committed to developing a broad range of products that will help companies accurately and reliably identify and quantify these contaminants.

Vitamin Testing Applications Guide
This guide is your answer to simple cleanup procedures, rapid HPLC analysis, and accurate and reproducible results in your clinical research.

Improved Methods for Forensic Toxicology Analysis
The screening and confirmation for drugs of abuse and their metabolites present many challenges in toxicological analysis. Searching for illegal drugs in complex matrices, such as urine and blood, can prove to be difficult because if present, they may be found at very low concentration levels. Direct analysis of these samples is often hampered by endogenous compounds in the biomatrix. These interferences are often in higher concentrations than that of the target analytes and thus may mask their presence.

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