Milton’s Featured Application: Cannabinoid Separation by SFC


Cannabinoid content in various food and consumable products is an emerging concern for both food safety and legal purposes. For instance, a June 2015 study of 75 medical cannabis products showed that only 17 percent were accurately labeled.

>> Addressing Cannabis Research Challenges with Gas Chromatography


GC can do detailed separation, but with a longer run time. Highlighted in this application is a fast separation of 10 naturally occurring cannabinoids in less than 12 minutes under supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) conditions. The chromatographic conditions described in this application use ethanol as an organic modifier and the conditions can be scaled-up to preparative scale.

The 10 standards are baseline resolved and the cannabinoids containing the acid functionality such as CBDA, THCA, and CBGA elute last.

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