This is so unexpected! I had no idea I would be considered a finalist for the Pittcon Excellence Award! I want to thank Pittcon, and the Phenomenex R&D team for giving me my head start and backing me since day one.  When I first realized that the analysis of urine samples was being hampered by large, pesky β-Glucuronidase enzymes, I just knew something had to be done!  After a lot of hard work, I think our team’s advancements in sample preparation has propelled me into the future. Their achievements allow me to do my job by saving time, reducing method development and rescuing your instruments from damage!

Dilute-and-shoot, I couldn’t have done any of this without you.  You showed me drug testing could be better! Every day I strive to selectively remove β-Glucuronidase from urine samples and overcome the challenges that analyst see when working with you.  I can’t believe that I remove more protein, and increase LC column lifetimes, all in under one minute.  Without the additional dilutions, I can concentrate my samples better than dilute-and-shoot, which has made my work more sensitive for detection.

I also want to thank the customer who originally created this genius product concept and believed that removing β-Glucuronidase from urine samples would help them to save their columns.  You made my job easy and in return, I make your job easier, and with only a two-step protocol.  In making me a winner, we are all winners!

-Music starts

WAIT! One final thank you to the team at Phenomenex. You made this happen and got me to where I’ve always dreamed of being…  I am constantly striving to be more effective, more useful, and more advanced than others in this field and I can finally say I succeeded. You will never know what this means to me! I look forward to many more years with Phenomenex, helping our customers improve their drug testing…because that is what makes my job really rewarding.

β-Gone for better removal of β-Glucuronidase from urine samples
Award Winning β-Gone

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