Welcome to Chromatographiville!

Ever have a desire to live in the world of chromatography? Ever think to yourself, “hey, I love chromatography so much, I want to visit its hometown!” Well then, you’re in luck! Welcome to Chromatographiville, where nerd dreams come true!

You can explore the town and visit the laboratory, the pharmacy, the university, the health and beauty shop, the fruits and vegetables stand, the gas station, a crime scene, and you can even play at the park! You’ll find technical tips, webinars, method development support, column section guides, and so much more.

The Laboratory

chromatographiville lab

At the lab, you can explore ways to better simplify column selection, and gain a better understanding of separation challenges that are most typically encountered in LC-MS analyses. You can also find information on clinical clean-up, discover ways to save your lab time and money, find the perfect vial, and explore our entire Zebron™ GC column portfolio.

The Pharmacy

chromatographiville pharmacy

Need fast and accurate results for your pharmaceutical methods? Then it’s definitely time to visit the pharmacy in Chromatographiville! You’ve put a ton of investment into your lab, so now it is time to guard your column investment with SecurityGuard™ ULTRA. Also learn more on how to optimize your bioanalytical analyses, make sample cleanup easier, protect your samples, and save time by finding the latest solutions.

The University

chromatographiville university

Take a campus tour at Chromatographiville’s University and graduate with a masters in SPE method development! Learn simple ways to choose the right column for you, utilize our GC Column Finder Tool for easy column selection, and choose the best column protection for your needs!

The Health & Beauty Shop

chromatographiville health

Give your lab a makeover when you step into the Health & Beauty shop! Clarify your personal care product samples, explore solid phase extraction techniques, and maintain performance for your HPLC systems—leading to longer column lifetime with no loss in performance.

The Fruits & Vegetables Stand

chromatographiville grocery

Snack on some information when you stop by the grocery stand, where better food testing starts! Pre-filtering your samples before injection is one of the easiest ways to improve your results. The stand delivers so many choices with GC columns, vials, and roQ™ QuEChERS Kits. Discover the power of core-shell technology that delivers dramatic improvements in efficiency over fully porous media. And don’t forget to check the shelves for customizable pesticide analysis!

The Gas Station

chromatographiville gas station

Refuel with faster, more dependable biofuel analysis! Develop an SPE method in under a minute. Find the best column for biofuel analysis based on the right solid support, the right phase selectivity, and the right material characteristics for your method. And don’t forget to top off by learning ways to keep your columns performing at their best.

A Crime Scene

chromatographiville crime

Chromatographiville might not have a high crime rate, but when it happens, our columns are on the scene. Access the latest drug of abuse technical note and learn about how the  Zebron™ ZB-5MSplus™ GC column provides excellent separation and peak shape for accurate drugs of abuse analysis. Find your perfect viral match, simplify your column selection, and extend column lifetimes.

The Park

chromatographiville park

Relax at the park and take in all the environmental scenes. When testing environmental samples keep them clean by selecting the appropriate sample prep technique. Utilize all the tools in the park like the Syringe Filter Finder Tool, the SecurityGuard Finder Tool, and our Pesticide Testing Guide. Make sure to stop at the greenhouse and learn ways to enhance your environmental methods, then take a dip in the lake to gain new perspectives in pesticide analysis.

With so much to explore, why haven’t you gone to Chromatographiville yet?! Check it out now- www.phenomenex.com/chromatographiville. We will see you there!

Welcome to Chromatographiville!
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Welcome to Chromatographiville!
Explore the interactive town, Chromatographiville, and discover different industries and uncover tools such as technical tips, webinars, academia, method development, column section guides, and so much more!

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