Top Eleven Conferences/Shows of 2017

2017 has been an exciting year on the road for Phenomenex!

We were  at over 30 conferences presenting posters, topics, and meeting fantastic people. Before we enter the new year, we wanted to take a quick glance back at some of our favorite meetings. In no particular order, here are our top 11 conferences of the year!

To view all posters and presentations listed below, please visit the this link.

MSACL: Mass Spectrometry-Applications to the Clinical Lab

The MSACL Conference provides a forum for discussion of developments in the clinical application of mass spectrometry. The conference is able to bring together experts in fields that are driven to explore and understand clinical mass spectrometry.

We were honored to be a part of the discussion. One of our leading scientists presented two talks:

  • “A Selective Method for Quantitation of Underivatized Methylmalonic Acid (MMA) in Plasma”
  • “A Rapid and Robust Sample Preparation Method for Quantitation of Nicotine from Oral Fluid”

Check it out to get a glimpse into MSACL.


One of the world’s leading conferences and expositions on laboratory sciences that attracts attendees from various industries, academia, and government from over 90 countries worldwide. The target audience isn’t just analytical chemists, but all laboratory scientists.

We were fortunate this year to have several presentations and posters on display at Pittcon. You can find them below with links.

  • “Simple and Efficient Method for the Extraction and LC/MS/MS Analysis of Vitamin B1 and B6 in Human Whole Blood”
  • “Hydrogen vs. Helium: Evaluation of Carrier Gases for Chlorinated Contaminant Testing by GC/ECD
  • “A Rapid Extraction and Analysis of Steroid Hormones, PPCP’s, and Pyrethroids From Sediments Using a Modified QuEChERS Procedure and Optimized LCMSMS Analysis”
  • “High pH Chiral Separations of Amphetamine and Amphetamine Derivatives with a Polysaccharide HPLC Column”
  • “Is Tattoo Ink Safe? Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Tattoo Ink by GC/MS”
  • “Determination of Toxins in Drinking Water by UHPLC/MS/MS”
  • “New GC Column Selectivity for Characterization of Complex Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Food”
  • “Achiral SFC: No C18 Equivalent, No Problem”

AOCS: American Oil Chemists’ Society

The international professional organization holds an annual meeting, providing a forum to discuss the science and business behind fats, oils, surfactants, lipids, and related materials. This prime expo for sharing ideas and knowledge allowed us the opportunity to present the following topics:

  • “Simple, Successful High-temperature Analysis of Triglycerides by GC”
  • “Improved Methods for Fast and Efficient Separation of Simple and Complex FAMEs”
  • “Fast GC Analysis of trans Fatty Acids in Food Products”
  • “FAMEs Analysis in Less Than 12 Minutes! Reducing Analysis Time Using the Magic of GC Column Parameters”
  • “Optimized Column Selectivity for Orthogonal Separation of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Using GC x GC”

ASMS: American Society for Mass Spectrometry

This annual conference brings together experts in the field of mass spectrometry. Phenomenex contributed to the multitude of poster presentations this past year with the topic below:

  • “Simple and Robust LC-MS/MS Method of Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) in Whole Blood using Luna Omega Polar C18 Column”

HPLC: International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques

One of the largest conferences solely focused on the method of HPLC, providing an unparalleled opportunity for talks by the world’s leading experts who discuss cutting-edge research on emerging technologies and novel solutions to significant problems in pharmaceutical, environmental, and industrial research and development.

Phenomenex contributed to wide variety of talks with the topics below:

  • “Method Transfer Considerations When Transferring Methods to Sub-2µm GFC Columns for Bioanalysis”
  • “Optimal Experimental and Instrumental UHPLC Conditions for Real World Separations”

ExTech: International Symposium on Advances in Extraction Technologies

ExTech allows for the scientific community to engage in discussions about extraction, sample preparation, chromatography, analytical and environmental chemistry and food chemistry.

Check out the below topics to see what Phenomenex brought to ExTech!

  • “Increased Capabilities for the Analysis of Hormones in Drinking and Waste Water using SPE and LC/MS/MS”
  • “A Simple and Effective LC/MS/MS Method Development for the Determination of Underivatized Vitamin B1 and B6 in Human Whole Blood”

NACRW: North American Chemical Residue Workshop

If you are a scientist interested in trace level analysis of pesticides, veterinary drug residues, and other chemicals in food, animal feed, and environmental samples, then this is the conference for you! NACRW provides training, development and improvement of technical knowledge, distribution of new analysis methods and techniques, and networking to promote professional cooperation between scientists and their interests.

Phenomenex contributed to these developments with the below presentations:

  • “Separation of 12 Natural Cannabinoids in Both Methanol and Acetonitrile Mobile Phases”
  • “Complimentary Column Chemistries for Determination Pesticides in Cannabis by LC-MS/MS”
  • “Analysis of Sensory-Active Volatile Phenols in Smoke-Exposed Grapes by Gas Chromatography”
  • “Multiresidue Pesticide Analysis of Kale and Grapes using QuEChERS and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry”

AOAC: Association of Official Analytical Chemist

AOAC provides an outstanding platform for scientific sessions, roundtables, workshops, and poster presentations to meet a variety of analytical needs. We were exceptionally fortunate to be able to present on not one, but five, topics and add to the wonderful contributions of our peers:

  • “Profiling Sterols in Olive Oil for Quality and Authenticity Using Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE), Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and GC-FID”
  • “Modernization and Optimization of the USP Dietary Supplement Monograph for Boswellia Serrata with Advancements in HPLC/UHPLC Column Chemistry”
  • “Advantages of Complimentary Column Chemistries for Determination of Pesticides in Cannabis by LC-MS/MS and Potency by LC-UV”
  • “FAMEs Analysis in Less Than 12 Minutes! Reducing Analysis Time Using the Magic of GC Column Parameters”
  • “Separation and Quantitation of Physiologic Cobalamins (Vitamin B12) in Dietary Supplements by LC-MS/MS Using Synergi™ Fusion-RP Column”

RAFA: Recent Advancements in Food Analysis

RAFA offers top-quality presentations followed by stimulating discussions, several satellite events, a large state-of-the-art exhibition and a wonderful social program. There were several scientific contributions presented by leading scientists via lectures, oral, and poster presentations. Below is our 2017 contribution:

  • “Multiresidue Pesticide Analysis of Kale and Grapes Using QuEChERS and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry”


For the first time in North America, we held the PhenoPrep Seminar, where leading industry experts joined us in Princeton, NJ to discuss innovations and challenges in preparative and process scale chromatography. Participants enjoyed a full day of lively exchange with speakers and learned how others in their industry are tackling challenges, overcoming obstacles, and using innovative technologies.

The inaugural event was an overwhelming success and we cannot wait to meet again in 2018!

TIDES: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics

The largest meeting to accelerate oligonucleotide and peptide products from early discovery to late-stage development and commercialization. TIDES provides a forum to discuss better ways to fast-track oligonucleotide and peptide research to the clinic by collaborating with leading pharma, biotechs, academia, and solution providers from North America, Asia and Europe.

ChemBio: Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology Conference

This conference annually offers the opportunity to review the latest and most dynamic developments in basic and applied scientific research within the chemical and biological defense arena. This year we were able to collaborate with more than 1,500 scientists, program managers, and leaders from across the globe who are committed to making the world safer by confronting chemical and biological defense challenges.

To view all posters and presentations listed above, please click this link.

We can’t wait to see you all in 2018! Here is a look at a few upcoming shows to look for in the new year.


SOFT: Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc.

January 7-11th, 2018  

Due to Hurricane Irma, the meeting planned for September 2017 had to be rescheduled for January 7-11, 2018 at the Boca Raton Resort. This fantastic conference will offer a forum to exchange information and ideas among toxicology professionals. The annual meeting will offer workshops, newsletters, and technical publications to help improve the forensic toxicologists’ skills and knowledge.

Look out for Phenomenex at Booth #708!


GCC: The Gulf Coast Conference

January 17-18th, 2018

The Gulf Coast Conference is a non-profit organization oriented toward the education and advancement of knowledge of Chemical Analysis Technology associated with the Petrochemical, Refining, and Environmental fields, and will advance this goal through annual technical meetings, regular communications, and training courses focused on these fields.

Make sure to stop by Booth #208 to say hi and talk with our Phenomenex representatives.

Pittcon 2018

February 26th – March 1st, 2018

This dynamic global event offers a unique opportunity to get a hands-on look at the latest innovations and to find solutions to laboratory challenges. The robust technical program offers the latest research with more than 2,000 technical presentations covering a diverse selection of methodologies and applications. Pittcon also offers more than 100 skill-building short courses in a wide range of topics and the once-a-year chance to network with colleagues.


Wishing you a successful, healthy, and happy 2018!

The Top Eleven Conferences/Shows of 2017- SCIENCE UNFILTERED
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The Top Eleven Conferences/Shows of 2017- SCIENCE UNFILTERED
We look back at the top 11 conferences and shows that Phenomenex was present at in the year 2017 and what we are looking forward to in 2018.

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