Phenomenex Celebrates First Chinese Translated Product Catalog

Since going direct in China in 2017, our team has worked tirelessly to bring the full Phenomenex experience to customers. Our latest accomplishment is our first fully translated product catalog in Chinese that is beginning to land with our customers in China.

We are exceptionally excited to share this as it took a whole village of people to accomplish. From bilingual talent, editors, reviewers, and corporate reviewers, this has been a very exciting time for team China at Phenomenex.

We wanted to celebrate this exciting time, so Phenomenex had a full afternoon filled with traditional Chinese treats and snacks, Chinese acrobats, and an authentic Chinese Lion Dance.

The art of the lion dance is somewhat of a mystery of how long the tradition has been in China—or even where it came from. There weren’t many lions in ancient China, so the tradition may have been introduced from India or Persia earlier on.

However, the lion dances are popular traditions during Chinese New Year, with the iconic beating of drums and crash of cymbals. The dance is meant to bring good fortune and prosperity to a business or neighborhood for the coming year.

The Chinese lion dance isn’t just for viewing, but you can also participate! You must wait until the lion comes over, bats its large eyes, then you can feed a small donation in a red envelope into the lion’s giant mouth. The red envelopes are known as hong bao in Mandarin and symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

Unlike a dragon dance, lion dances are only performed with a two-person team inside of each costume—one controls the front legs and head, while the other controls the hind legs.

But lion dances aren’t just performed on Chinese New Year. Troupes, like the one who visited Phenomenex, can be hired for other events and festivals where a little extra fortune could be used! The troupe of acrobats, Wushu Shaolin, performed a mesmerizing show, and then ran through the halls of the Phenomenex headquarters—hoping to bring good fortune and prosperity to the year ahead.

Phenomenex was fortunate enough to enjoy a Chinese lion dance from a beautiful, shaggy, bright, hot pink lion—the same color as our product catalog!


Watch a snippet of our celebration below:

Phenomenex Celebrates First Chinese Translated Product Catalog
Article Name
Phenomenex Celebrates First Chinese Translated Product Catalog
Phenomenex is proud to announce that our team has worked hard to bring our customers in China the first ever fully translated Chinese Product catalog.

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