How to Improve Your Sugar Analysis by HPLC

Are you separating sweet, sweet sugars? So are a lot of our customers. Over the past year, we’ve worked and spoken with many scientists regarding sugar analysis from all kinds of different matrices. Turns out that traditional amide and amino phases were just not hitting that sweet spot for simple sugars. They were causing a lot of scientists trouble due to occurrences like retention time variability, poor column lifetime, long run time, and lackluster separation between key sugars.

With so many problems, a unique solution was needed! So, we took all our research and feedback and combined it with our knowledge of separation science technology and experience. Now it’s time for you to take our newest creation for a taste test!

The new Luna® Omega SUGAR LC column breaks ground as it combines the performance benefits of thermally modified fully porous particles with a novel HILIC stationary phase that excels at polar compound retention and selectivity.

Luna delivers high efficiency, ruggedness, reproducibility, and dependability for a wide range of analyses. Within the novel manufacturing process of Luna Omega silica, we implement a proprietary processing technique to gain greater particle inertness, a stronger particle morphology, and more consistent porosity.

Luna® Omega SUGAR greatly improves upon the retention and separation capabilities of traditional fully porous, core-shell, and hybrid materials, while also allowing for greater peak response! All this while also ensuring that scientists do not need to depend on buffers or ion pair agents to get adequate separation at the cost of losing signal.

We wanted to keep simplicity at the forefront of our newest column. So, while making the new Luna Omega SUGAR we focused on simplified HILIC mobile phase systems that would work with all common detectors including RI, ELSD, and MS. Additionally, the high organic content decreases interference as non-polar compounds and contaminants are forced to elute early in the run.

Luna® Omega SUGAR media and columns are designed to be consistent and incredibly accurate tools for sugar analysis by HPLC and UHPLC. Each batch and column are specifically tested for the analysis of simple sugars to confirm proper selectivity, alongside a large number of other tests to ensure performance, particle quality, dependability, and overall reproducibility.

Through our feedback, we found that a major concern for a lot of customers was the short life span of their traditional amide and amino columns. With this new column, we focused heavily on combined particle and stationary phase robustness to greatly minimize efficiency and retention loss over time.

But don’t forget to protect your Luna Omega SUGAR column! The easiest way to extend column performance is to prevent contaminants and particulates from getting into your Luna® Omega column with the SecurityGuard Standard guard cartridge system. The SecurityGuard:

  • Protects and extends column lifetimes
  • Virtually no change in chromatography
  • Simple to use

To learn more about the Luna Omega SUGAR column and how to improve your sugar analysis download our brochure, Luna Omega Sugar LC Column Brochure, or reach out to our Technical Experts through Live Chat nearly 24/7 around the world!

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