LC, GC, and Autosampler Vials: The Ultimate Lab Sidekick

You don’t need to tell us that our customers are superheroes! We already know that they take control of lab situations and proceed to kick major you know what. But what makes a tremendous superhero even better?  A delightful combo that is unstoppable—a superhero (you!) and their sidekick (your new LC, GC, or autosampler vials!).

Together they save the day, defeat evil particulates, immortalize* column lifetimes (*okay maybe not immortalized, but definitely extend column lifetimes) and create less system maintenance downstream.  The best superheroes and sidekicks go together like peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, salt and pepper…well, you get it, they are all great teams! But becoming the best involves selecting the right sidekick, which is why we decided to audition for the part of our trusty sidekick!

And up first is…cue dramatic music!

autosampler vials

As the ultimate lab superhero, aren’t you sometimes exhausted? Overworked? Frustrated at having to save everyone from a burning lab…yet again? With Verex LC, GC, and autosampler vials, aka MEGA TITAN, you can start relaxing because they are 100% defect-free glass and your results will be safe from extraneous peaks. Clean-room packed products ensure particulate and contaminate-free products for super clean chromatography.

The secret power of MEGA TITAN is the ability to transform into 3 levels of certification to guarantee accuracy no matter what. Level 1 certification is for most common applications, while level 2 transforms MEGA TITAN into a low bleed vial for sensitive extractions and level 3 warrants mass spec quality for ultra-sensitive MS applications.  With any application, our LC, GC, and autosampler vials are there to save the day!

We want you to be as confident in our MEGA TITAN sidekick as we are. Verex certified sample LC, GC, and autosampler vials, inserts, caps, and seals are guaranteed to ensure problem-free, reproducible performance you can trust, no matter your analysis! And if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, our guarantee ensures your vial and sidekick happiness. To find a MEGA TITAN vial sidekick that works for you, here is a comprehensive list of the vials and formats that Verex offers.

Can’t we all agree that we better get some serious MEGA TITAN power activated in our lab lives?!?

To learn more about MEGA TITAN, the super-secret alter ego of Verex Vials, go to



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autosampler vials

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