Phenomenex Volunteers Take a Ride on the Do Good Bus

Phenomenex Philanthropy Partners with the Do Good Bus

On October 10th, 2018, a group of Phenomenex volunteers gathered together and boarded a retro style school bus, dubbed the Do Good Bus. The group didn’t know where they were going, what they were doing, or who they would be helping. All they knew was that they were excited to give back to their community.

After a lively, game-filled bus ride, that not only broke ice, but introduced employees from other departments to each other, the group ended up at Lennox Middle School in Inglewood, CA.

As the group disembarked from the bus, they were met by Christina, a representative from the organization they would be assisting, the Social Justice Learning Institute. Without hesitation, she put the group to work rebuilding the middle school’s garden area. The area was mangled, full of weeds, and unusable. It was essentially wasted space. Christina’s goals for the group was to completely tear up the land, move flower beds, distribute wood chips, and basically completely transform the area so that the students would have a workable space. The students were eager to have the opportunity to learn how to grow their own food, as well as learn how to manage and grow an ecosystem.

do good bus
Garden Before
do good bus
Garden After









Each and every volunteer worked as hard as possible, and it paid off! The Phenomenex volunteers were able to complete the entire project, which Christina was not expecting. She was so grateful and amazed, that as she was thanking everyone at the end, there were tears in her eyes.

However, what made the day of hard work worth it, was when a group of students walked up without being prompted by anyone else, and thanked all the volunteers for creating a workable garden for them. It meant so much to the group knowing that the garden would be cherished and appreciated by those who mattered most, the students.

To learn more about the Do Good Bus, and where they can take you to help give back, check out their site: 

Then check out the video below for a snapshot of the day and all that the volunteers were able to accomplish!

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