Syringe Filters: The Latest Filtration Accessories Sidekick

Discover the Latest Lab Sidekick: Syringe Filters

We think our customers are the ultimate lab superheroes, but as mentioned in “LC, GC, and Autosampler Vials: The Ultimate Lab Sidekick”, it is important to have the ideal sidekick—accessories.  Together they save the day, defeat evil particulates, create less system maintenance downstream, and immortalize column lifetimes (okay maybe not immortalized, but definitely extend column lifetimes). However, becoming the best involves selecting the right sidekick, and sometimes you have more than one option, like syringe filters.

We have discovered that you can never have too many sidekicks. So, introducing our next super, awesome sidekick: Phenex™ Syringe Filters as THUNDER STRIKE

phenex syringe filters

When evil particulates attack and try to kill your columns, THUNDER STRIKE jumps in and cleans up your samples to save the day.  We all know how fast your beautiful LC or GC columns can quite literally turn into an arch nemesis when maintenance is required.  All it needs is a super speed filtration from THUNDER STRIKE and you can ensure that you and your column will be best friends conquering one separation at a time.  And who doesn’t want a little extra help from time-to-time?

Trusting that your Phenex syringe filter has got your back may be the easiest way to ensure cleaner injections in super speed time.

The best part?  One of the secret powers of THUNDER STRIKE Phenex syringe filters is that it can fight particulates and contamination alone, but it also works great as part of a team.  THUNDER STRIKE can be utilized with another sample preparation product in tandem to concentrate your samples, solvent switch, or further clean up your samples making them completely unstoppable in the fight against particulates.

And finding the right filter membrane is almost as if you just found your own magical cornucopia: there are so many different options to choose from! Selection is based on your unique sample specifications, however many different filter membranes may be used to do this, so you get to use a syringe filter that best works for you.

Can’t we all agree that we better get some serious THUNDER STRIKE activated in our lab lives!

To learn more about THUNDER STRIKE the super-secret alter ego of Phenex™ Syringe Filters, go to

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