2018 Phenomenex Philanthropy Efforts Around the World

Learn about Phenomenex’s 2018 International Philanthropy Efforts

Philanthropy is a huge part of Phenomenex culture, and 2018 didn’t disappoint. Our teams around the world held several events and fundraisers to help those in-need, such as but not limited to, animals, children, homeless, natural disaster victims, education advancement, and their communities.

Please take a minute to look through all the stories and efforts that our various Phenomenex teams were able to accomplish the past year.

United States (Headquarters)

The U.S. office held several philanthropy events and fundraisers in 2018. A few of them include:

  • Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN) – The team raised $3,000 to support PTN, which was founded in 1996 by a handful of therapists, parents, and volunteers who envisioned an organization that would provide children in the community with high quality therapy, research, and education. To learn more about how we raised the funds and who it helps, check out our article “Pediatric Therapy Network: A Touching Story of Empowerment and Hope.”
  • The Do Good Bus – 34 volunteers came together to join the Do Good Bus group who took them to an inner city middle school to help the Social Justice Learning Institute build the students a working garden where the students can learn about ecosystems and how to sustain them. Learn more about the event and the organizations here, “Phenomenex Volunteers Take a Ride on the Do Good Bus”.
  • Children’s Hospice of America – Through a bake sale held at the office, $1,170 was raised and donated to help bring a child in hospice care home to spend their time with family and friends.
  • Los Angeles Food Bank – Over 30 volunteers came together and were able to sort over 12,000 pounds of food that equals over 10,000 meals for those in need in our community.
  • Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure – The Phenomenex Run Club raised nearly $500 for breast cancer research, as well as represented the company at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K.
  • Providence TrinityCare Hospice – For the holiday season, Phenomenex adopted four deserving families with a family member in hospice care. We raised over $2,000 from donations and gave the families clothes, shoes, books, cleaning supplies, gift cards, life essentials, and of course, some fun gifts too. The Phenomenex Philanthropy group also donated $4,000 worth of toys to the children of TrinityCare Hospice to be given out to kids all year long.

See below pictures of the above events as well as other events held in 2018!

2018 Philanthropy events and efforts held by the Phenomenex headquarters in the U.S.

2018 Philanthropy events and efforts held by the Phenomenex headquarters in the U.S.

United Kingdom Office

The U.K. office gathered a team of volunteers and spent two full days working with the Rossendale Trust, an organization that provides supported living care to adults with learning and physical disabilities in the local area. Check out our article, “Discover the Good Work of the Rossendale Trust” to learn more about the non-profit and how the U.K. Team was able to give back.

The Phenomenex U.K. office also held three in-office fundraiser events to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support, Children in Need, and Sport Relief.

2018 Philanthropy events and efforts held by the Phenomenex UK office.

India Office

The devastating floods in the southern Indian state of Kerala have killed more than 350 people since June and have displaced thousands. The India team jumped into action by gathering 50 thousand rupees worth of goods, which included blankets, food, water, clothes, toiletries, and so much more. The materials were given to the the foundation, Aashri, who went to Kerala and distributed all the items.

The India Office also celebrated Dussehra this year by gathering and donating clothes to those in need in their community.

2018 Philanthropy events and efforts held by the Phenomenex India office

Italy Office

The Italy office was busy in 2018! They teamed up and spent 2 hours with Rise Against Hunger packing over 12,000 meals. These meals will be able to feed around 48 students for a year when they go to school. The boxes produced will be shipped to Zimbabwe.

They also parterned with Il Piccolo Principe (The Little Prince) on two occasions. They first donated €210 to help the organization support children going through difficult situations. Then when the holiday season came around, they again donated, this time €320 for the exchange of delicious chocolate Santas.

Philanthropy efforts and events held by the Phenomenex Italy office in 2018

Philanthropy efforts and events held by the Phenomenex Italy office in 2018

France Office

Team France puts their bad language to good! All year, money is collected in the “Pheno Pig” Swear Jar, and then doubled by the Phenomenex France office at the end of the year. Donations go towards Les Blouses Roses, an organization that brings entertainment in the form of creative hobbies, fun activities, and even musical entertainment, to help break the monotony and bring smiles and joy to all ages in the hospital.

Team France also donated clothes, games, toys, books, and school supplies to Secours Populaire, a local organization that distributes everything to families in need. Check out the team below and everything they were able to accomplish in 2018.

Philanthropy events and efforts held by the Phenomenex France office

Germany Office

The Phenomenex Germany office was there this year to support those suffering from the severe flooding in Kerala, India this past summer. They raised money during an in-office charity breakfast to help aid victims.

Team Germany also came together to run for a good cause. They joined the largest corporate run in the world with JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, which supports Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe and Deutsche Behindertensportjugend, programs that support disability sports in Germany.

Check out below the group of runners and other philanthropy efforts held by the Germany office.

Philanthropy events held by the Phenomenex German office.

We look forward to all the good Phenomenex associates will be able to give in 2019!

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