How to Install a Flash Column onto an ISCO CombiFlash Rf Instrument

Steps to Properly Program Your Claricep Flash Column on an Rf Instrument

Having trouble getting your flash column to connect with your ISCO CombiFlash® Rf Instrument? Keep getting the same notification, “Unable to Identify RediSep Rf Column” flashing across your instrument screen? Don’t worry! This simply means you will need to do a one-time programming of your Rf instrument to use with your Claricep™ flash column.

Image of Claricep Flash Columns in different sizes.

Continue to read below for the easy step-by-step procedure, click here for the downloadable PDF, or check out our video below for a more visual process.

Step 1: Installing Flash Column

Install your Claricep Flash Column on the CombiFlash Rf Instrument as seen below.

Steps to install your Claricep Flash Column onto a CombiFlash Rf Instrument.

Step 2: Press “MANUAL SELECT”

As you lower the inlet port-valve to the top of the column, an on-screen message will appear matching either Figure 1 or 2. In both cases, you will click on “MANUAL SELECT” to take you to the settings menu.

Messages that will pop up when installing your Claricep Flash column onto a CombiFlash Rf Instrument

Step 3: Select Media Type

At the bottom of the screen, select the menu toggle labeled “REDISEP” (Figure 3). You will then choose, “SELECT MEDIA”, which will allow you to select the type of material you will be using (for example: Silica, C18, Amine, etc.) Figure 4

Steps to program your Claricep Flash Column onto a CombiFlash Rf Instrument.

Step 4: Select Column Size

Once you have chosen the type of material, you need to designate the gram size of the column. Return to the “REDISEP” tab and find the gram level that is most similar to the size of the Claricep column you want to install.

For example, the CombiFlash Rf has preset gram sizes of 4, 12, 24, 40, 80, 120, 220, and 330 grams, so for a 20g Claricep column you would select 24g as the appropriate setting.

Note: please refer to Table 1 for a comparison of corresponding Claricep and RediSep® column sizes.

Table showing comparison of corresponding Claricep and RediSep column sizes and their recommended flow rate

Step 5: Selecting Equilibration and Flow Rate

Select the desired “EQUILIBRATION” and “FLOW RATE” as you would normally do. Different columns will have varying flow rates depending on the size, so enter the appropriate flow rate from Table 1.

Step 6: Run Length

Look for “RUN LENGTH” on the chart on the right of the instrument’s screen and select the desired length.

In the end it is easy to install a Claricep flash column on a CombiFlash Rf system once it is simply programmed. Once you have your method set-up, be sure to SAVE IT in the instrument. This allows you to run the method next time without any extra steps. You are now ready to enjoy all the benefits and cost savings that using Claricep flash columns offers.

For a more visual breakdown of this installation, check out our video “” where we take you step-by-step through the process in our lab.

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How to Install a Flash Column onto an ISCO CombiFlash Rf Instrument
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How to Install a Flash Column onto an ISCO CombiFlash Rf Instrument
Tips on how to install a Claricep Flash Column onto an ISCO CombiFlash Rf Instrument with a step-by-step visual process and video.
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