How Chromatography Accessories Save the Day In the Lab

Contaminants beware of Phenomenex’s next superhero – the sample prep sidekicks. With a wide selection of products to choose from, you don’t have to select just one sidekick! And all sidekicks are guaranteed to ensure problem-free, reproducible performance you can trust, no matter your analysis! If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, our guarantee ensures your sidekick happiness. See below for the full portfolio of chromatography accessories sidekicks.

Verex Vials aka Mega Titan

Verex Vial alter ego, Mega Titan. autosampler vials, an ideal chromatography accessories for your lab.

With MEGA TITAN (Verex Vials), your results will be safe from extraneous peaks thanks to its 100% defect-free glass. Clean-room packed products ensure particulate and contamination-free vials.

To learn more about Verex, check out our article “LC, GC, and Autosampler Vials: The Ultimate Lab Sidekick.”

Phenex Syringe Filters aka Thunder Strike

Phenex Syringe Filters aka Thunder Strike helps with speedy filtration.

When evil particulates attack and try to kill your columns, THUNDER STRIKE (Phenex Syringe Filters) jumps in and cleans up your samples to save the day. With a super speed filtration from Phenex you can rest easy knowing that your column will conquer any separation that comes its way.

To learn more about Phenex, check out our article “Syringe Filters: The Latest Filtration Accessories Sidekick.”

SecurityLink aka The Click

SecurityLinks allow for secure column connection, complete with an audible CLICK! One of the newest chromatography accessories.

The CLICK (SecurityLinks) is the newest Phenomenex sidekick whose super-accessory power allows her to produce a super-sonic CLICK once a secure column connection is complete.

Presston 1000 aka Iron Manifold

The Presston 1000 is an pneumatic positive pressure manifold that is perfect for sample prep set-up

As a pneumatic positive pressure manifold, Iron Manifold (Presston 1000) goes into uncharted territory where no Presston has gone before…until now. Learn more about the Presston by reading our article “Pneumatic Positive Pressure Manifold that will Streamline Sample Prep.”

Zebron Plus Inlet Liners aka Ultra Fix

The Zebron Plus Inlet Liners optimizes your compound analysis.

This sidekick undergoes a unique chemical deactivation treatment that results in a remarkably inert GC inlet liner, optimized for trace and active compound analysis. Check out the Ultra Fix (Zebron Plus Inlet Liners) by clicking the following link: CLICK HERE.

Along with all the amazing features listed above, you can also benefit with super huge lab savings! Simply sign into your dashboard and save big on chromatography accessories, HPLC columns, UHPLC columns , GC columns, and sample preparation products. And find your ideal sidekick sample at

Check out the full PDF highlighting each of the amazing sidekicks and their skills by clicking the following link or the below image: CLICK HERE.

Chromatography accessories sidekick portfolio

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