These Chromatography Games Will Have the Best Season…We Promise

By now you probably know who took the throne on Game of Thrones, but have you heard who’s been winning the chromatography games? Doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it is just as monumental! During the separation science conference season, Phenomenex has been honored by numerous awards and highlighted for innovative products in several fields. You might be dragon your feet to know the winners, so keep reading to check out our favorite accolades so far.

Pittcon Excellence Award

Zebron ZB-624 PLUS was awarded Silver for Excellence in Instrumentation from Pittcon to kick off the Phenomenex Chromatography games

Pittcon is one of the largest separation science conferences in the world. This global exposition gives you the opportunity to get a hands-on look at the latest laboratory instrumentation, participate in live demos and product seminars, talk with technical experts, and find solutions to all your laboratory challenges. That is why Phenomenex was beyond honored to be chosen from such a large amount of product submissions for Pittcon’s Silver award for Excellence in Instrumentation for Zebron ZB-624plus.

Zebron ZB-624plus is the optimal choice for the analysis of volatile compounds for Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Food, Cannabis, and Specialty Chemicals. The superior “Plus” deactivation process enhances peak shape, improves signal-to-noise levels and increases sensitivity for qualitative and quantitative analysis of active compounds. Upgrade your existing 624 phase to Zebron ZB-624PLUS GC columns and get all the analytical benefits of proven inertness.

To learn more about “What Puts the ‘PLUS’ in Your ZB-624plus”, click the link to read our full article on the product.

FORUM LABO of France Lab Consumables Innovation Award

FORUM LABO of France Lab Consumables Innovation Award for our bioZen series, is one of our proudest awards in the chromatography games season

BioZen LC columns captured a Lab Consumables Innovation Award at the major France Exhibition FORUM LABO!

Phenomenex’s bioZen LC series features new titanium hardware designed to minimize priming, three particle platforms for optimal versatility and eight particle chemistries to maximize selectivity and sensitivity. BioZen UHPLC/HPLC columns are seamlessly designed to bring peace of mind to your:

  • Aggregate Analysis
  • Drug Antibody Ratio (DAR)
  • Glycan Analysis
  • Intact Mass
  • Intact and Fragment Analysis
  • Peptide Mapping
  • Peptide Quantitation
  • Charge Variant Analysis

Whether or not you are working with novel proteinsor biosimilars, bioZen UHPLC columns are guaranteed to help you achieve a new state of Zen for your mind, body, soul, and lab.

SelectScience Best New Separations Product Runner-up

SelectScience honored Phenomenex with a runner-up title for Best New Separations Product for bioZen LC column portfolio

Phenomenex has always been a fan of SelectScience and their work. So we were exceptionally grateful for their nomination for the award of Best New Separations Product for our bioZen LC column portfolio.

SelectScience prides themselves on “informing scientists about the best products and applications. Connecting manufacturers with their customers to develop, promote and sell technologies.” They are a Google certified review company, and a respected opinion in the industry. To learn more about SelectScience, click the link:

We will keep you up to date with how the chromatography games season is going throughout the year! To learn more about our upcoming events, visit

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