A Faster and Cleaner Solid Phase Extraction Method

When working towards a sample preparation method, labs often balance between added cleanliness and protocol time to select a technique that works best with their lab’s needs. And depending on the needed requirements, labs will use solid phase extraction (SPE) to achieve the intended goal. Sample preparation is used to simplify complex sample matrices, remove components, allow for analytes present at low concentration in samples to be concentrated up, as well as facilitate solvent switching. While SPE provides numerous benefits for analysts, it is often perceived as complicated and time consuming, adverting potential users from adopting the technique.

It’s Time to Change Your Solid Phase Extraction Ways!

Introducing a NEW type of SPE – the Strata®-X PRO

introducing a new and improved type of solid phase extraction, the Strata-X PRO

Strata-X PRO Solid Phase Extraction Products consist of a new type of polymeric SPE sorbent combined with matrix removal technology, revolutionizing sample extractions and matrix clean-up. While traditional SPE methods can take five or more steps to extract the analytes from the sample matrix, Strata-X PRO eliminates the conditioning and equilibration steps.  Utilizing a 2-step or 3-step SPE method, Strata-X PRO achieves faster and more efficient protocols, while still resulting in high recoveries of target analytes. You’ll see at least a 40% increase in time savings when using this new SPE tool compared to traditional SPE techniques.

Comparison of sensitivity between polymeric SPE and Strata-X PRO for 25-OH Vitamin D3

Not only does using Strata-X PRO create a faster SPE method, but it also provides cleaner extracts.  With the matrix removal technology, it works to remove harmful phospholipids from the biological or food sample matrix before injection.  Phospholipids can cause damage to LC columns, as well as ion suppression or enhancements, which ultimately causes inaccurate results. Eliminating phospholipids will reduce suppression zones and lead to more sensitive results.  In the example below, 25-OH Vitamin D3 is extracted from plasma using both Strata-X PRO and a traditional polymeric SPE method. While using Strata-X PRO, the analyte response is over 3x more sensitive and saves 40% of the method time.

Strata-X PRO provides a completely new and revolutionized type of SPE that works to offer a fast and clean targeted sample preparation solution. To find more applications to help solve your common SPE issues or improve your current method, go to www.phenomenex.com/StrataXPRO.

To learn more or ask any additional questions about Strata-X PRO or any of our sample preparation solutions, LiveChat with a technical expert today at www.phenomenex.com/chat.

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