Introducing the Science Unfiltered Podcast

We are thrilled to announce the latest resource powered by Phenomenex, the Science Unfiltered Podcast! The podcast will include discussions on the latest science stories, talks on new chromatographic methods, recently released research, guest speakers, and of course keep listeners up-to-date with all the amazing innovations Phenomenex is releasing.

You can find new episodes the second Tuesday of every month on all your favorite channels – SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes.

The Science Unfiltered podcast will be sharing the stories and innovations that excites everyone in the office. For example, our first episode highlights a crashed moon landing that released thousands of tardigrades onto the lunar surface. This story was passed around and discussed with great intensity in the halls of Phenomenex. These will be the stories we want to share on Science Unfiltered, the one’s that get everyone talking.

So whether you’re in the lab, your car, or cooking dinner, there is no better time to listen to the Science Unfiltered podcast than right now.

Science Unfiltered E.1 – Episode 1 breaks down the latest on the crash landing on the moon that scattered thousands of dehydrated tardigrades. We talk about what these microscopic creatures are and the possibility of them surviving on the moon. We also hear from guest speaker and technical specialist, Genevieve Hodson, on the best LC troubleshooting practices for your chromatographic methods in the lab.

Click the link to listen to our first episode now: Science Unfiltered E.1 – Tardigrades on the Moon and Troubleshooting Your LC Methods

First episode of the Science Unfiltered podcast discusses tardigrades on the moon and troubleshooting your LC methods.

And for a quick look into what you can expect from the podcast, listen to our introductory episode below:

Introducing the Science Unfiltered Podcast

Introducing the Science Unfiltered podcast.

Don’t forget to check back in the second Tuesday of every month for new episodes! Our next episode will be live Tuesday, September 10th, 2019. Till then, stay nerdy!

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