PhenoPREP 2019 Purification Seminar in San Francisco, CA

Phenomenex is excited to be hosting the free PhenoPREP 2019 Purification Seminar yet again! This year, on Thursday, October 10th, we will be gathering in San Francisco, CA to discuss innovations and challenges in preparative and process scale chromatography.

Enjoy a day of intense exchange with industry leading experts. Learn how they are tackling challenges, overcoming obstacles and using new technologies.

At PhenoPREP 2019 you will hear from speakers from Genentech, Lotus Separations, Phenomenex, and so many others! The day will start at 8:00 am with a welcome registration and networking breakfast. Then the day will continue on through 4:00 pm with speakers, presentations, and Q&A’s. See the full schedule below:

Phenomenex PhenoPREP 2019 Purification Seminar 2019

PhenoPREP 2019 Purification Seminar Agenda

Spaces are filling up quickly! You will want to claim your spot as soon as possible. Click the link below to REGISTER today!

Phenomenex PhenoPREP 2019 Purification Seminar

We look forward to seeing everyone there! And if you are looking for a glimpse into what to expect, check out one of our speakers from last year, who is also speaking this year, J Preston, Ph.D., as he discusses how to pick the right tool for from the preparative chromatography tool box.

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Having a rational selectivity starting point not only facilitates a more effective separation, chromatographically speaking, but provides additional information in relation to potential molecular interactions that occur in the column. These interactions drive observed analyte retention and results from the functionalities of the relative stationary phase interacting with the chemical groups of the analyte(s) and in conjunction with mobile phase convention. Therefore, a rational selectivity starting point provides valuable information, in terms of potential interactions, that can be utilized to adjust an observed analyte retention time. Improved chromatographic selectivity is simple finding the right tool for the job.” To continue reading, click the following link: “How to Improve Your UHPLC Column Selectivity”

“As the first North American PhenoPrep Seminar approaches, we wanted to take a look at this year’s 2nd Annual PhenoPrep India Symposium.

It was held on April 21st, 2017 where eight distinguished scientists were invited to speak and discuss innovations and challenges in preparative and process scale chromatography. The symposium had a fantastic turnout and exceptionally productive Q&A sessions.

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