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The Phenomenex website offers more than simply an online catalog of part numbers. Our technical experts have created a wealth of chromatography web tools designed to help you overcome any obstacle or challenge you may face in the lab on a daily basis.

Continue reading to start exploring a few of the areas that we offer direct online support in:

Application Database

Application search chromatography web tools

Search by compound name or build the structure of it through our application database. By using this structure search you can also look for related compounds to see if Phenomenex has run any similar applications to your compound of interest.

Gas Chromatography Column Finder

Need help finding the most appropriate GC column for your application?

GC column finder chromatography web tools

You can search through our GC Column Finder chromatography web tool using an existing part number from ANY manufacturer, phase chemistry, official method, or application need. The tool with then provide appropriate recommendations that can be available to you in a few short clicks.

Click the image below to try it now:

Vial Finder Chromatography Web Tools

Are you aware we also supply most of the consumables needed to run your analytical methods? Using our Vial Finder tool we can quickly make the best recommendation for a vial for your application. And using the quick click link at the end of the process you can have a sample of the vial you select sent directly to your lab.

Vial finder chromatography web tools

Method Development Chromatography Web Tools

For those involved in method development Phenomenex offers tools and calculators to support your move to core-shell technologies, development programs to get you started with SPE methods, and even calculators to help when scaling methods from analytical to prep scale.

Solid Phase Extraction Method Development Tool

SPE method development chromatography web tools

Our SPE method development tool allows you to input structure or compound name, matrix type and sample volume and provides a starting method with cartridge recommendation to get your extraction going. See image below for example:

Preparative Calculator Chromatography Web Tools

Preparative chromatographers look no further than our scale-up calculator when calculating new loading figures or flow rates for your large-scale applications.

Core-shell Calculators

If you are interested in higher efficiency our Core-shell 2.6µm calculator offers guidance on finding the most appropriate column length and conditions for your new higher efficiency separation.

core-shell calculator chromatography web tools

Fill out details on your current application and your goals and the tool will do the rest!

Have Questions? Get Your Answers Right Away with Live Chat!

Live Chat is one of Phenomenex’s most utilized chromatography web tools thanks to it’s easy to use format and the amazing assistance of our Technical Experts. If you find yourself with a technical question you need answered now, have a chat with our fantastic online technical team by clicking the “CHAT NOW” button or visiting the chat page at

Live Chat with technical experts chromatography web tools

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