Meet our Technical Experts of Live Chat – Phenom Zachary Woodward

We are so excited to be introducing the members of our Live Chat team! These are the actual individuals, or Phenoms as we like to call them, who you could have the chance of speaking with when you submit a Live Chat question. Our technical experts are all here to help figure out and answer any technical question, no matter how difficult or easy it may seem.

Meet Live Chat Technical Expert – Zachary Woodward

Located in  Torrance, California


Zachary Woodward is a Technical Specialist with Phenomenex, Inc., located in Torrance, California, USA, with whom he regularly assists customers with project development, troubleshooting, and applications support with respect to sample preparation, and both gas and liquid chromatography.  Zachary spent his formative years as an analytical and organic chemist at AMRI in Albany, New York, for whom he developed LC and GC methods for potential pharmaceutical compounds.  He then developed both solid-phase extraction and LC analytical methods in a clinical setting for Focus Diagnostics, after which he took a break from chemistry to teach middle school science.  Zachary received his B.Sci. in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary, was awarded both his Master’s in Chemistry and his Teaching Credential at San Diego State University, and earned his musician callouses from years of playing the bass guitar.

Years at Phenomenex:  1 year

Years as one of the Technical Experts:  1 year

What is your craziest troubleshooting experience?

I was elated with the outcome of a series of chats during which a customer was developing a GFC/SEC method for the analysis of a protein.  We had the time to discuss each parameter of such methods, and the chat window was conducive towards sharing visuals to facilitate the discussion.  The chat provided opportunities to constructively dispel some preconceived notions about GFC/SEC, particularly with respect to the different pH values at which such a separation may be performed, mindfulness of a protein’s pI, the nature of secondary interactions with the stationary-phase during GFC/SEC, and the use of organic solvent.  The chat reinforced my own understanding of the topic, and guided the customer towards the proper method for the techniques with which the customer is comfortable.

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