Meet Our Technical Experts of Live Chat – Phenom Wenmin (Grace) Guo

We are so excited to be introducing the members of our Live Chat team! These are the actual individuals, or Phenoms as we like to call them, who you could have the chance of speaking with when you submit a Live Chat question. Our technical experts are all here to help figure out and answer any technical question, no matter how difficult or easy it may seem.

Meet Live Chat Technical Expert – Wenmin (Grace) Guo

One of our Technical Experts - Grace Guo

Located in Torrance, California USA

Grace’s Background

Grace graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering in 2014. In her graduate study, she developed a low-voltage organic phototransistor with an organic small molecule. After her graduation she moved from the east coast to west coast because she loves the all year long sunshine in South California. She spent 3 years in a start-up company as Device Scientist doing single walled carbon nanotube separation and making thin film transistor with them. Most of her experience with Flash system are gained from there. In 2017, she joined Phenomenex as a Technical Specialist supporting globally, especially the Asia-Pacific area. Bilingual in Chinese and English makes it easy for her to communicate with customers in both US and China. At Phenomenex she has more opportunity to have hands-on experience in HPLC, GC and SPE. Discussing the crazy troubleshooting cases with other technical members improves her chromatographic skills every day! 

Years at PHX – 2 years

Years as one of the Technical Experts: – 2 years

Favorite Chat:

Agent Grace has joined the chat.

Grace: Hello Lisa,
Grace: How can I help today?
Lisa Millar: Hi, I’ve recently inherited a fairly new s2000 column that has very high back pressure. I’ve isolated the problem to the guard column. The column itself still works beautifully. I talked to one of your reps last week about running it backwards @ 0.1ml/min in warm H20 thinking it was a salt crystal clog, but I can’t seem to clear it. Don’t know what else to do. Also, wondering how $ just to replace the guard column. Thanks!
Grace: Sure! Are you using the SecurityGuard system for this SEC column?
Grace: If that is the case, you may only need to replace the cartridge in it
Lisa Millar: Not sure what you mean by that–is this maybe what I’ve been calling a guard column?
Grace: Let me send you a picture to double check
Agent Grace has sent a file: kU09D9sCd0CuyJY27UsUrg.png
Grace: Does it look like this?
Lisa Millar: Oh yes, that’s it! Yay!! Should I have gotten extra cartridges with the column, or will I need to order?
Grace: Great! Then what you need to do to reduce the backpressure is to switch to a new cartridge. You’ll need to order them.
Grace: And you are using the Yarra or bioSep?
Lisa Millar: bioSep. Can you provide a P/N, and do I order direct from you or do you use distributors such as VWR?
Grace: You can order directly from us. The P/N for SecurigyGuard cartridges that can be used on bioSep SEC-S2000 is AJ0-4487
Grace: I can help you to generate a quote and your account rep should be able to follow up and help to place the order
Lisa Millar: Awesome, thanks so much! You’ve been HUGELY helpful!! I love this live chat service your company offers!
Grace: Thanks Lisa!
Grace: Your email address is, is that correct?
Lisa Millar: Yes, it is. Thanks!
Grace: Np! I’ll generate the quote and send it to you shortly. Your account rep will be copied as well so they can follow up and help to place the order
Lisa Millar: You’ve been a great help, thanks a bunch!
Grace: You are most welcome Lisa!
Grace: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Agent Grace has sent a file: US906494.pdf
Grace: Here is the quote for the SecurityGuard Cartridges. I’ll email it to you later as well
Grace: It’s my pleasure chatting with you today, and thanks again for your time. Have a great evening!

Have a question for Grace? Reach out to him via Live Chat now! It is a no-strings-attached service that is designed to help just about everyone with the technical trouble shooting in the lab. Click the link or image below:

live chat with technical expert grace guo

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