Meet Our Technical Experts of Live Chat – Phenom Kevin Luk

We are so excited to be introducing the members of our Live Chat team! These are the actual individuals, or Phenoms as we like to call them, who you could have the chance of speaking with when you submit a Live Chat question. Our technical experts are all here to help figure out and answer any technical question, no matter how difficult or easy it may seem.

Meet Live Chat Technical Expert – Kevin Luk

Located in Torrance, California USA

Education: University of California, Berkeley with a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology

Kevin’s Background

I’ve been with Phenomenex 4 years this coming Spring. I started on our sales team working with university, government, and medical center accounts and found that my favorite part of the job was chatting with customers about novel research and being their resource for method development and troubleshooting. As comes with the territory, I’ve worked with every field out there – from food, to omics, to natural products scientists doing drug discovery off the ocean floor. I’ve done my fair share of guiding students on chromatography basics, to doing deep dives with field leaders. I joined our Technical team at the start of 2019; while it’s been a lot of work, I love that I can continue to work with and learn from our customers through chat!  

Years at Phenomenex – 4 years

Years as one of the Technical Experts – 1 years

Most Interesting Method Development: Analysis of amino acids and nucleo bases found in Martian meteorites

Favorite Chats: I love catching up with some of my old customers who come on chat and seeing what they’re up to these days!

Have a question for Kevin? Reach out to him via Live Chat now! It is a no-strings-attached service that is designed to help just about everyone with the technical trouble shooting in the lab. Click the link or image below:

live chat with technical expert grace gou

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