COVID-19 Charitable Opportunities: Ideas on How to Give Back Right Now

During tough times, it is natural for many of us to look for charitable opportunities to help our community. However, the COVID-19 situation displays challenges we have not had to face before when trying to aid others, mostly due to social distancing. So we put together some ways you can either donate money, time, or your efforts. Explore more below!

We owe a big thank you to the healthcare employees, grocery store clerks, first responders and other essential workers who are risking their health and safety to help us during this crisis. Even though we are being asked to stay safe at home, you can still lend a helping hand.

Here are some charitable opportunities you can take to help essential workers and lots of other people in this difficult time through donations.

  • Donate masks and other medical supplies using websites like Mask Match or PPE Link.
  • Donate to the Boys & Girls Club of America to help children in need to help raise funds to provide groceries to kids participating in its more than 2,500 clubs, plus virtual academic support such as digital activities and learning opportunities.
  • Give to your local Meals on Wheels to help seniors stay healthy and well-fed.
  • Help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention respond to crisis situations. Areas of emphasis include helping health-care workers with purchases of masks, gowns, gloves and other protective equipment; supporting quarantined and vulnerable individuals; and hygiene promotion campaigns to limit the spread of the virus.
  • Support restaurant workers who need immediate relief by donating to this linked fund, or order take away from your favorite local spot.
  • Give to the United Way’s community response and recovery fund. Funds distributed to local United Ways help with everything from connecting families to food pantries to aiding those experiencing financial hardships due to lost wages.

And if you can’t donate right now, that’s ok! Staying home and practicing social distancing makes a BIG difference.

Here are a few ideas and charitable opportunities outside of donating money we found that allow you to give back to your community, while also following government mandates. 

Foster or Adopt a Pet

Shelters have reported a large amount of pets being dropped off as people’s fear around the Coronavirus grows, even thought there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread by pets. Consider taking the opportunity of stay at home more to either foster or adopt a pet! There are so many in need of a good home.

Foster a Pet:

Adopt a Pet:

Donate Blood

There is a severe blood shortage due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The American Red Cross now faces a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during this coronavirus outbreak. Healthy individuals are needed to donate now to help patients counting on lifesaving blood.

Donating blood is a safe process and people should not hesitate to give or receive blood. Right now, eligible and healthy donors are strongly urged to make an appointment to give soon.

Click the link to schedule an appointment to donate blood today:

Offer to Help A Neighbor

Do a small act of good and help out your vulnerable neighbors. Whether they are older, busy with kids, or at-risk in any way, offer to go to the store for them – or any other errands they may need assistance with.

Don’t know your neighbors that well? Join your community in your area. There are plenty of people asking for help. You can even post that you are willing to help anyone that needs it and have someone respond with what they need.

Support Local Businesses

Our local businesses are taking a major hit during this time – try helping to support them by ordering take-out or delivery! And if your fridge is stocked, you can also buy a gift card or certificate to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant now and use it later. This will go a long way!

Here is a list of Los Angeles area restaurants that are offering delivery and take-out right now:

Phenomenex is also here for our customers and community during the COVID-19 situation. Visit our COVID-19 Resource and Support site to learn more about the actions Phenomenex has taken, as well as more charitable opportunities.

Article: “COVID-19 Resource Site – Phenomenex’s Continued Support and Effort”

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