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Never go into another project solo! Bring the Phenomenex Chat Now Technical Specialists with you for all your chromatography assistance needs. They are here for you nearly 24/7 anywhere in the world, simply ask your first question and they are here to help.

Our Technical Specialist team has over 75 years of experience combined and will do everything they can to help you find the answers you’re looking for. They can assist with anything from method optimization, selecting the right tools/equipment for your analysis, and even provide quotes for any products you might need. You are also able to send photos to better explain an issue you may be having, and share your chromatograms. This free service is also 100% mobile friendly!

How to Reach Our Experts

1. Head to the Phenomenex website – www.phenomenex.com

Once you are on the Phenomenex home page, you will have a few options of how to start your chat with a Technical Specialist. Check out the following video for all your options!

2. Go Straight to the Source – Chat Now

Start chatting now! You can click the link or the image and you will be taken to the Chat Now home page.

Chat Now home page for chromatography assistance

Curious who you might be helping with your chromatography assistance needs when you reach out at Chat Now Meet the experts! Several of our experts have written for this blog and have had guest spots on the Science Unfiltered Podcast. You can find several of these articles and episodes below, along with a few profile introductions of our Technical Specialists!

Meet Technical Expert – Zachary Woodward, and check some of his guest written articles and his guest spots on the Science Unfiltered Podcast.

Meet Technical Expert – Genevieve Hodson, along with a few of her guest articles. And don’t forget to check out a her guest spots on the Science Unfiltered Podcast.

We know some of you might not be in the lab right now due to the COVID-19 situation. However, if you are looking to get a head start of your next analysis once back to work, our Chat Now Technical Specialists are here to help.

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