A New Wider Pore bioZen Column for Large Biologics

What gets a scientist excited?  A shiny new column in their lab! Phenomenex researchers and scientists have been busy in our labs developing a new tool that will help get scientists excitedly anxious to get back to their labs. We are happy to introduce the newest wider pore bioZen LC column to the portfolio: bioZen™ 2.6 µm WidePore C4.

biozen WidePore particle - a wider pore column

This new technology offers increased resolution with its core-shell column technology combined with the bioinert technology that is expected with the bioZen portfolio. It offers a robust surface grafting and optimal particle and pore size morphology ensures high reproducibility for analytical methods.

biozen wider pore column

Along with this new bioZen chemistry, we combined it with a new advanced process optimization to provide products that deliver very high levels of performance and newly achievable levels of reliability and reproducibility. This new advanced series of products and process optimization is called PEAK. Click the image below to learn more:

batch-to-batch consistency for PEAK process optimization with bioZen wider pore columns

Not only are we providing you a wider pore core-shell particle, but added reliability to provide you with an extra splash of ZEN into your lab. Learn more about our newest wider pore bioZen LC column: bioZen WidePore C4, by visiting: www.phenomenex.com/bioZenWidePore

And don’t forget to explore the rest of our bioZen portfolio. With a new titanium hardware to minimize priming, three particle platforms for optimal versatility and eight particle chemistries to maximize selectivity and sensitivity, bioZen UHPLC/HPLC columns are seamlessly designed to bring peace of mind to your next analysis.

Whether you are working with novel proteins or biosimilars, bioZen UHPLC columns are guaranteed to help you achieve a new state of Zen for your mind, body, soul, and lab. Click the link to start exploring today: www.phenomenex.com/bioZen

Have any questions about our wider pore bioZen LC column, large molecule analysis, or any other technical inquires? Chat with our Technical Specialists today through our free online service, Chat Now.

They are available 24/7 globally and here to help to set up your method with bioZen WidePore C4, along with other method optimization, product recommendations, and provide quotes for an easier purchasing journey.

Click the link to start chatting today: www.phenomenex.com/Chat

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