Inside the Lab with Phenomenex and Industry Expert Panelists

Phenomenex has recently launched a unique web series unlike anything they have done before. “Inside the Lab” invites viewers to not only learn from a panel of experts of the related topic, but allows you to ask questions in real time and become a part of the discussion.

You may have attended a webinar Phenomenex has hosted before, but this will be something different. This series is an opportunity for you to virtually talk face-to-face with the people who design and create Phenomenex products and consider chromatography not just a science, but an art. You’ll be able to ask them anything! But of course, we can only guarantee expertise in chromatography.

So far, Phenomenex has held two Inside the Lab panels, the first focusing on HPLC Basics and the second diving into the relationship between cannabis and chromatography. You can watch both recording now on YouTube under the playlist – “Inside the Lab Panels”. You can also catch them below:

Inside the Lab – HPLC Basics

Panelists for this episode include : Phil Koerner, PhD, Zeshan Aqeel, PhD, Jason Anspach, PhD, and moderator: Simon Lomas.

Inside the Lab – Cannabis and Chromatography

Panelists for this episode include : Genevieve Hodson, J Preston, PhD, Ramkumar Dhandapani, PhD, Sean Orlowicz, and moderator: Simon Lomas

This is a space for you – the scientist, the researcher, the chromatographer – to ask any and all technical questions you might have! Join us for our next live discussion, Friday, June 19th focusing on Gas Chromatography Basics. Click the link register today: Inside the Lab – Gas Chromatography Basics

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