Thanksography: Giving Thanks to Our Chromatographic Analysis

Ok, so we might have made up the term Thanksography, but it is worth taking a moment to give thanks to everything and everyone who make our days easier and happier in the lab!

Technical Experts – They have your back…technically speaking of course!

The Phenomenex Technical Expert Team isn’t your typical support site – they are here for you 24/7 around the world and isn’t some robot directing you to the answer you need, it is ALWAYS a real person there to help you.

Our free online Chat Now portal is available when you need it, because problems in the lab arrive when you least expect them and we want to be the ones to help fix it. Method development or optimization required? We can help! Not sure which product you need for your analysis? We can direct you to the right one – even if it isn’t our brand! Chat Now was created to be a source strictly for providing support and aid when any scientist or researcher needed it. Not to convince you to buy something you don’t need, but to truly be a helpful friend in your lab.

So remember the next time you have a question or need technical assistance, talk with our Technical Experts at << Chat Now >>.

Thanksography - Giving thanks to our technical experts

Coworkers, Scientists, and Researchers – All who make the lab more happy!

Having friends by your side as you work in the lab is one of the best things to be thankful for. There are also so many other things that can make chromatographers happy in the lab! Great music bouncing off the walls, easy and great separations, clean tools and instruments, when everything syncs perfectly, free food in the café, and a great cup a coffee goes a long way.

So we want to know, what makes you and your coworkers happy when working in the lab? Let us know here!

Thanksography - Giving thanks to the things and people who make the lab happier

Standout Technology – The pieces that bring everything together.

Our mission at Phenomenex is to strive to provide standout technology that you can rely on. Your work is important and we want to be here to help with it as much as possible!

Click here or the image to explore our different portfolios of products, like bioZen products, Zebron GC Columns, Strata SPE Products, and Kinetex Columns.

Giving thanks to the tech and products that make things easier

And last, by definitely not LEAST, we are thankful for YOU – OUR CUSTOMERS!

Thanksography isn’t just a time to thank experts and tech, but to look to those making the true difference in the world – you. And the best way we know how to give thanks is with sweet savings! Right now through the end of the year, you can snag great deals designed just for you. Take advantage of these savings when you chat with our experts at Chat Now, when you call in and talk to your favorite sales consultant, or when you shop online at your personal portal.

Thanksography - giving thanks to amazing savings and our customers!

Thank you to everyone who is making a difference in this world and looking to build a brighter future. We are so honored to be on this journey with you! Happy Thanksography! (and of course – Happy Thanksgiving!)

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