Jeff Tries Cannabis Part 6: HPLC Method Development

Guest Author: Jeff Layne Well – it seems that we have a little more work to do with cannabis potency testing. I had originally planned to have the last article be the last of this HPLC method development series, however, we had a request to develop a similar separation using Continue Reading

Jeff Tries Cannabis Part 5: HPLC Method Development

Guest author: Jeff Layne Hello again, and welcome back to my cannabinoid method development article series. From the last post, we were finally able to find a few different columns that could successfully resolve all 12 of our target analytes within the pressure limitations imposed by the customer, and within Continue Reading

Jeff Tries Cannabis Part 4: Method Development

Part 4: A New Hope Guest Author: Jeff Layne Hey everyone, and welcome back to the cannabis method development series. So far in our quest to separate the twelve cannabinoids, we have messed around with gradient rates, mobile phase modifiers, and flow rates, yet have only been able to successfully Continue Reading

Jeff Tries Cannabis Part 3: HPLC Method Development

Effect of Flow Rate and Gradient Time in cannabis seperation phenomenex

Part 3: Effect of Flow Rate and Gradient Time Guest author: Jeff Layne Hey everybody, welcome back to my third blog article on cannabis HPLC method development. So far, we have done some preliminary gradient screening to narrow in an effective “gradient window” (75-100% acetonitrile in 10 min) and found Continue Reading

Jeff Tries Cannabis Part 2: HPLC Method Development

Blog 2: Effect of Different Mobile Phase Modifiers. Guest Author: Jeff Layne Welcome back to my series on method development for potency testing of naturally-occurring cannabinoids. In the previous article, I had done preliminary gradient screening of our 12 cannabinoids using a 100 x 4.6 mm Kinetex® C18 column and Continue Reading

Jeff Tries Cannabis: HPLC Method Development

Testing for potency in Marijuana

Blog 1. Initial HPLC Gradient Screening for Potency Testing by LC-UV. Guest Author: Jeff Layne Hello everyone and welcome to the first of what I hope will be a series of articles on the topic of HPLC method development for cannabis-related analyses. My name is Jeff Layne, and I am Continue Reading