Utilizing Mobile Phase pH to Maximize Preparative Purification Efficacy

Preparative chromatography is a specialized subset of chromatography, where the goal is to purify a target analyte (or analytes in some cases) from a complex mixture of crude sample.  The ultimate goal is to purify as much target analyte as possible, in as short of a period of time as Continue Reading

Need Help with Sample Processing?

Top Questions Everyone Wants to Know about Presston™ 100 Positive Pressure Manifold 1. What is the Presston™ 100 Positive Pressure Manifold? What types of sample preparation products are compatible? – A positive pressure manifold uses a gas source to apply pressure from above to push liquids through sample preparation sorbents. Continue Reading

Optimizing Sample Preparation Methods for Comprehensive Drug Research Panels from Urine

Gluca-what? Hydrolysis? Beta-something? While the terminology for urine drug testing can be confusing, the methods should not be. Improve upon traditional urine testing by learning the science behind the steps and simplifying the sample preparation. When drugs are ingested, they are tagged with a glucuronic acid during the metabolism process, Continue Reading

Rock Out to Toxicology’s Greatest Hits

This year’s hottest mix is a playlist that will rock on for centuries to come. It has been praised as the album of the year by The Rolling Chromatography* and The New York Toxicology Times* calls it a “massive hit!” Let’s go through the tracks to have a quick listen Continue Reading

SPE vs LLE: A Battle of Methods

An Improved Clean Up and Recovery of Pharmaceutical Compounds from Plasma using Strata® -X In one corner, we have liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), which is perhaps the most established clean-up technique used in the chromatography field. Although it has been used for years, newer techniques with improved specificity towards particular analytes, Continue Reading

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β-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal FAQs

β-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal 96-well plates and tubes are designed to target and remove β-glucuronidase from hydrolyzed urine samples without requiring additional time or method development. In a single step and in less than 1 minute, your hydrolyzed samples are ready for analysis.

Beta-Glucuronidase Removal: Urine the Right Place

Whether it be for a job interview or medical diagnosis, most of us have found ourselves in the vulnerable position of peeing into a cup. And though it may feel invasive or embarrassing, urine tests are remarkably helpful to doctors, courts, and hiring managers alike.

Poor Sample Recovery? You May Be Over-Drying

For most reversed-phase solid phase extraction applications using a silica-based SPE media, cartridges are initially conditioned using an organic solvent such as methanol, followed by rinsing with water or a buffer.