The Science of Fidget Spinners

Pardon this spin-terruption, but we have exciting news. Phenomenex has officially been fidget-ized! …Spin-terized? …Spin-sonified? Whatever you want to call it, we have joined the continuing fad of fidget spinners, or as we like to call them, Phegit™ spinners! At first, many were reluctant. Having never spun the spun, it Continue Reading

A New Test Uses a Single Drop of Blood to Screen for 13 Types of Cancer

A team of researchers in a Tokyo-based National Cancer Center (NCC) has developed a new blood test that can diagnose 13 types of cancer, as originally reported by The Japan News. With more than 100 types of cancer, there are many variables, and diagnoses can sometimes come too late. The Japanese team Continue Reading

The Effects of Changing Column Inner Diameter on LC-MS Applications- Part 2

Part 2: Changing Column Inner Diameter with Constant Flow Rate Guest Author: Dr. Jeff Layne Welcome back to this article series on the effects of changing column inner diameter on LC-MS applications. Well, let’s be fair, we are using LC-MS to illustrate our discussion, but the concepts we cover apply Continue Reading

Sitting with Scientists: A Godfather of UHPLC- Dr. Jason Anspach

Meet one of the developers of UHPLC, Jason Anspach, Ph.D.- Research and Development, Senior Scientist here at Phenomenex. Ever read about advancements in science and wonder where and how it all started? When it comes to developments in Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC), Jason Anspach doesn’t have to wonder, because he was Continue Reading

What is Core-shell and Superficially Porous Technology?

Guest Author: Technical Specialist, Ann Montross Silica media in HPLC columns were originally irregular shaped particles of silica. Then silica based HPLC columns moved to the traditionally filled, fully porous spherical particles of silica that offered improvements in chromatography over irregular shaped particles. Figure 1: Fully Porous Particles As the Continue Reading

Need Help with Sample Processing?

Top Questions Everyone Wants to Know about Presston™ 100 Positive Pressure Manifold 1. What is the Presston™ 100 Positive Pressure Manifold? What types of sample preparation products are compatible? – A positive pressure manifold uses a gas source to apply pressure from above to push liquids through sample preparation sorbents. Continue Reading

The Effects of Changing Column Inner Diameter on LC-MS Applications- Part 1

Part 1: Changing Column Inner Diameter While Adjusting Flow Rate Guest Author: Dr. Jeff Layne Welcome everyone! Jeff Layne here, back with another article series, and this time we are returning to our method development roots. In this new series, we are going to address the topic of column inner Continue Reading

The Science of Slushies

Earlier this week, the convenience store chain 7-Eleven, celebrated their day, July 11th, by doling out millions of free small Slurpees to their customers. However, while guzzling down your free frozen slush, did you think about the complicated chemistry that goes into making the famous cold brews? The signature frozen Continue Reading

Optimizing Sample Preparation Methods for Comprehensive Drug Research Panels from Urine

Gluca-what? Hydrolysis? Beta-something? While the terminology for urine drug testing can be confusing, the methods should not be. Improve upon traditional urine testing by learning the science behind the steps and simplifying the sample preparation. When drugs are ingested, they are tagged with a glucuronic acid during the metabolism process, Continue Reading

Why 100% Aqueous Stability is Important and Fun

Guest Author: Dr. Jeff Layne As the LC Product Manager for Phenomenex, one of the most common requests I get is to explain, in simple and practical terms, the features and benefits of our various LC products. Phenomenex has A LOT of different LC products after being in the business Continue Reading