Peptide Synthesis Technologies with Matteo Villian, Ph.D.

Peptide Synthesis

Interview with Peptide Synthesis expert, Matteo Villain, Vice President of Research and Development at Bachem Americas This is a look into the Peptide Purification Industry from the eyes of Matteo Continue Reading

Revision of European Pharmacopeia (EP) Chapter 2.2.46


The European Pharmacopeia (EP) Chapter 2.2.46 contains information that is similar to the USP Chapter 621. Guest Author: Heiko Behr This includes general information about all chromatographic separations techniques, system Continue Reading

Chiral Chromatography and the Pharmaceutical Industry


Guest Author: Abraham Becerra Since its discovery, chiral chemistry has played a pivotal role in how scientists examine novel compounds. This unique characteristic describing a molecule’s geometry in three-dimensional space Continue Reading

Doing HPLC Method Development for Monoclonal Antibody Aggregates? Wait a “SEC”!

By Guest Author: Brian Rivera Contrary to popular belief, size exclusion chromatography (SEC) isn’t straightforward. However, it should be—it’s a non-absorptive separation, right? Just look up an SEC column’s calibration Continue Reading

The Effects of Changing Column Inner Diameter on LC-MS Applications- Part 1

Part 1: Changing Column Inner Diameter While Adjusting Flow Rate Guest Author: Dr. Jeff Layne Welcome everyone! Jeff Layne here, back with another article series, and this time we are Continue Reading