Why 100% Aqueous Stability is Important and Fun

Guest Author: Dr. Jeff Layne As the LC Product Manager for Phenomenex, one of the most common requests I get is to explain, in simple and practical terms, the features and benefits of our various LC products. Phenomenex has A LOT of different LC products after being in the business Continue Reading

The Stages of Column Death!

Guest Author: Senior Scientist, Seyed Sadjadi. Congratulations! You are the proud new owner of a small stainless-steel tube packed with white sand, which will bring you fabulous results…if it lasts its life expectancy. This is the first in a series of articles to bring to light the life and death Continue Reading

New Immobilized Lux® i-Amylose-1 and i-Cellulose-5 Columns Add Enantioselectivity and Solvent Robustness

Lux chiral columns offer a wide and complementary range of enantioselectivity for even the most difficult chiral separation projects under normal phase, reversed phase, polar organic, or SFC separation modes. Now, the addition of a seventh and eighth Lux CSP (i-Amylose-1 and i-Cellulose-5) help to provide even greater chiral separation Continue Reading

Jeff Tries Cannabis Part 5: HPLC Method Development

Guest author: Jeff Layne Hello again, and welcome back to my cannabinoid method development article series. From the last post, we were finally able to find a few different columns that could successfully resolve all 12 of our target analytes within the pressure limitations imposed by the customer, and within Continue Reading

What is HPLC and How Does it Work?

Phenomenex HPLC Columns

Guest author: Dr. Ramkumar Dhandapani Chromatography is coined from the Greek word chroma- which means color and -graphein which means to write. First recorded use of column chromatography can be traced back to Russian scientist Mikhail Tsvet who crushed calcium carbonate into a tube and added homogenized green plant leaves Continue Reading

Jeff Tries Cannabis Part 4: Method Development

Part 4: A New Hope Guest Author: Jeff Layne Hey everyone, and welcome back to the cannabis method development series. So far in our quest to separate the twelve cannabinoids, we have messed around with gradient rates, mobile phase modifiers, and flow rates, yet have only been able to successfully Continue Reading

Gila Monster Saliva Could Save Lives: A Simplified Purification of Exenatide Peptide

Is Gila Monster's Saliva poisonous

Ever wonder what the inside of the venomous Gila Monster’s mouth was like? Yeah, we did too. Exenatide, a synthetic version of excendin-4, is a hormone found in the saliva of the Gila Monster. A glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist, Exenatide was approved in April 2005 for the treatment of diabetes mellitus Continue Reading

Milton’s Tricks, Treats, and Technical Guides

You’ve worked so hard crafting the perfect costume, decorating your home, and sneaking chocolate from your kids, we decided to treat you to the best technical guides this Halloween.

The Man, The Myth, The Milton: Meet our Newest Teammate!

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The Phenomenex Story: Part II

Richard Thomas is Chief Scientific Officer at Precision Diagnostics. Sonia Nicholas, Associate Editor at Select Science, spoke to Richard to learn more about his work and the technology that he uses in his laboratory.