Using Core-Shell Technology to Improve HPLC Methods Within USP: Part 3

US and Euro Pharmacopeia

Part III.  Chromatographic Impact of Making Adjustments to Existing Isocratic Methods Guest Author: Jeff Layne, Ph.D. Welcome back to the third article of my series “Using Core-Shell Technology to Improve Continue Reading

Using Core-Shell Technology to Improve HPLC Methods within USP: Part 2

US and Euro Pharmacopeia

Harnessing the Power of Core-Shell Technology to Improve Older, Validated HPLC Methods within Acceptable European Pharmacopeia Guidelines. Guest Author: Dr. Jeff Layne Welcome back to the second article on harnessing Continue Reading

Recap: SoCal Dietary Supplements Chromatography Forum

Last month, Phenomenex hosted the SoCal Dietary Supplements Chromatography Forum—an all-day assembly co-sponsored by Alkemist Laboratories and US Pharmacopeia (USP) to discuss “the need and approach to modernizing USP dietary supplement monographs,” particularly those based upon chromatography.