CEO Jumps Off Buildings (Again!)

On September 7, Phenomenex and Neoteryx CEO Fasha Mahjoor joined a group of fellow humanitarians through The City Three Peaks Challenge to support educational charity The Outward Bound Trust by abseiling a trio of London’s most iconic skyscrapers.


Ya know—just another day!

The professional thrill-seeker descended 1,916 feet from three buildings known locally as The Gherkin, The Cheesegrater, and The Walkie-Talkie during The City Three Peaks Challenge to aid the charity, which seeks to empower and encourage kids through outdoor activity.

cheesegrater and gherkinThe Cheesegrater (left) and The Gherkin (right)

According to event organizers, the rappel was described as an “epic descent” and “the longest civilian abseil in history.”

(Experience a virtual tour of the abseiler’s view from the top here!)

Mahjoor helped raise a record-breaking £4,000,000/$6,147,000 in a single day for the youth organization—£100,000/$155,125 of those funds he raised himself, with £33,333/$51,711.82 being donated personally.

“I want to give our youth the opportunity to feel as unstoppable as I did looking down on London from such incredible heights,” Mahjoor said. “That’s why I’m supporting this remarkable organization—to provide them with irreplaceable experiences in the outdoors that will inevitably lead to attaining invaluable life skills and putting them to use—becoming the drivers of change and bettering the future for us all.”

This wasn’t Mahjoor’s first rodeo, however. In 2012, the CEO abseiled The Shard—one of Europe’s tallest buildings—and conquered the Snowdonia Mountain range in 2014 for the same foundation.


What will he do next? Just wait and see.

The event may be over, but it’s never the wrong time to give. Visit to support Fasha Mahjoor’s ongoing fundraising efforts. Donations will help young people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds attend Outward Bound Trust programs.

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