What’s Next For Phenomenex’s Biopharma Team?

The annual global 2023 ASMS show was held in Houston, Texas this year, and was teeming with excitement around the future of mass spectrometry and its infinite applications for emerging biotherapeutics. From biomarker discovery and PTM assessment, to the development and characterization of ADCs and oligonucleotide biotherapeutics, it is hard to pinpoint what advancements were the most promising and exciting. Faster scan rates, increased resolution, and improved sensitivity —all these technological progressions open up a new realm of possibilities for fast-tracking the commercialization of life-altering therapeutics , and it is something that Phenomenex is proud to contribute to. To see how Phenomenex is contributing to the future of gene therapy MS applications, check out our Exploring Novel Approaches for AAV Analysis Webinar to see some of the newest applications for AAVs.

In addition to being your chromatography support vendor, we also have a wide variety of method development technical notes to help you achieve the MS results you need, especially for biomolecules such as mRNA Poly A Tail Degradation Detection on a Biozen Oligo Column. Our technical chat team is also ready to answer any questions you may have for your MS applications. Click here to chat now.

We enjoyed the opportunity to meet our customers and present the latest chromatography solutions. Our team is already filled with anticipation for the upcoming 2024 ASMS Conference in Anaheim, CA!

To see what other recent contributions the Phenomenex Biopharma team has made to the field of emerging therapeutic modalities, our latest notes, and upcoming events, check out our new Biopharma Landing Page for updates!

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