New Luna™ Polar HPLC Column for Ionic Pesticides Analysis in Underivatized Food and Environmental Samples

Phenomenex introduces Luna Polar Pesticides HPLC Column. This is a new HPLC Column with a proprietary phase that effectively separates cationic and anionic pesticides from underivatized food, feed, air, and water samples to deliver robust ionic pesticide analysis.

The Luna Polar Pesticides HPLC column is designed to help resolve the most common challenges food safety analysts encounter daily: robust determination of analytes due to matrices complexity and polarity, lengthy process due to the high number of injections needed for column conditioning, time-consuming sample preparation due to the need for derivatization, and the need to use separate columns (and systems) to determine both anionic and cationic pesticides from a sample.

The Luna Polar Pesticides LC column’s versatile selectivity allows the separation of cationic and anionic pesticides from underivatized samples on the same column. The fully porous particle morphology of the column allows for high sample loading. The unique selectivity provides high retention of polar analytes, fast equilibration, can be used in positive and negative mode, and offers 100% aqueous and organic stability. The particles’ pore size of 100 Å has proven to be optimal for pesticide analysis, and the 8% carbon load delivers a great balance of polar and nonpolar retention.

Collaborative studies done with renowned laboratories and experienced food analysts demonstrate the robustness and versatility of Luna Polar Pesticides. Dr. Giacomo Napolitano, Lab Manager at Lifeanalytics S.r.l., stated “The Luna Polar Pesticides significantly reduced analysis time thanks to its fast re-equilibration! This column has improved our polar pesticides analyses.”

The new Luna Polar Pesticides HPLC column is available in different sizes to fully suit analysts’ needs: 30 x 2.1mm, 50 x 2.1mm, 100 x 2.1mm, 150 x 2.1mm, and 150 x 3.0mm. The column is compatible with SecurityGuard™ ULTRA cartridge for column protection.

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Efficient Approach for the Reliable Determination of Underivatized Anionic and Cationic Pesticides Using a Luna™ 3 µm Polar Pesticides HPLC Column

Optimal Separation of Polar Anionic Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables with Unique HPLC Column Selectivity

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Luna Polar Pesticides 

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